Space Messiah


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A famous science fiction movie star is abducted by aliens. These aliens believe that American science fiction acts as a sort of bible to earthlings. The aliens grant our protagonist immortality and inform him that he is the next messiah of earth.

Upon returning to earth our protagonist starts a religion based on the lessons of the aliens and his own beliefs. Among the commandments of his religion are to promote casual sex and rock ‘n’ roll music but to abstain from masturbation.

This religion becomes quite popular and the protagonist gives televised sermons to his followers. A few years later he is accused of and admits to masturbating during his televised sermons. He is then excommunicated from his own church by his priests and is sentenced to be crucified until the end of time.

While nailed to his cross our protagonist has time to reflect on the current state of the earth. He is displeased with it all, but he no longer has any influence. After several years of crucifixion he sees the aliens who originally granted him immortality. The aliens decide to take him off of his cross and bring him to hell.


released August 23, 2014

Music by:

Blaze (Cyrus)
T-Bone (Jacob)
Slim (Aaron)
Bill (Bill)



all rights reserved
Track Name: The First Abduction
We've chosen you
We've seen your movies
We like your attitude
We think you're groovy
You alone can join our two worlds
You alone get all the girls

Take me to your place
Take me face to face
Take me to your place

We've chosen you
We've like your movies
We like your attitude
We think you're quite groovy

Combine the two worlds together
It's my time take me now it's my time
It's your time take him now

Whether I know no other place, I like that
Track Name: Aliens Are Big Kurt Vonnegut Fans
Living in Kansas can be pretty boring
But so I've heard so can be living in outer space
Looking face to face it all seems pretty simple
That is when you are god, son, or daughter, in this place
The aliens told me I'm in a UFO
That's what your people call it, so it goes
We've read up on all your popular sci-fi
And one is the truth, you are my favorite guy
And the Jebediah confided in me
You are the new messiah, so let it be
And we just wanted to let you know
When you're going home you're never growing old
And they all sang "oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh oooh you are the one it's true
Oooh oooh oooh you are the one brother
Oooh oooh oooh your little brother."
And now I'm home and everything is good
And now I'm home and everything is good
Track Name: Rock 'n' Roll Manifesto
This is my rock and roll manifesto and I'm telling it to you
I learned it from the UFO and I know that it is true
This is the things that those aliens told me after dark
Play guitar in your underwear and don't apologize if you're stark naked after crawling into your bed
Those aliens knew what they were saying and I know it wasn't in my head
Don't trust your enemies and make love to your friends
I know you're stuck in my laundry but get out of my head
They told me don't touch yourself
Instead try to touch one another with music that's all good and well
Because rock and roll is here to stay and I know what you're gonna do
And if you play rock and roll with synthesizers then I will bid you adieu
Track Name: Spew @ The Pew
Thank you all for being so kind this will only take a moment of your time
I want to thank you for obeying me up until now because I'm gonna say how now, how now brown cow
I want to thank you, for always listening to me. I know rock and roll is deep in your veins and I won't judge you when you pee

You know I spew spew at the pew
Then I'll spew spew on your

I don't know who might have caught me but no one has caught me yet
I will always spew on you but no one will know because it hasn't happened yet
Don't know who to trust
Don't care though you must
Cause when I get it back to you

I'm gonna spew spew all night long
You know I spew spew at the pew
When I spew I spew on you
When I spew I spew at the pew

I'm gonna spew real soon
It's true that you don't want me to
And when I spew I'm gonna spew on you

Spew spew at the pew
I will spew spew at the pew
You know I spew
I spew
Spew spew spew spew spew spew spew spew spew spew....
Track Name: The Neverending Crucifixion

Your handsome face is like a needle in my eye
How can someone so good looking and brave and sweet and sexy with a big muscular figure be so disappointing
You were gonna be the one to save us all
You had rock and roll and soul and jazz and punk and acid house
And you were gonna save us all, save me too
But you chose lust and pleasure over us
And now you're gonna have to pay the price and it's gonna hurt
Your green and blue checkered button down shirts can't save you now
I'm gonna take a knife and jam it through your hands and through your feet
And I'm gonna take another knife and stab you right through your heart, your black heart
And it breaks my heart too
But you know it's what I have to do
I'm sorry
I love you
You are everything
I'll miss you when you're gone
Your chest hair is so sexy and it hurts me to do this, but I'll do it
Here it goes
Track Name: The Fallen Profit's Forgotten Past
No darling

Living all alone inside of Nebraska
I was strangling some kind of man
I didn't know I was a product of envy
I couldn't begin to understand

Painted legs upon ladies
Barbed wire in your hands
Parties with babies
Blood on your hands

Papas' children were having children together
They were making homunculus
I wanted to go home apples or children
So scared I couldn't look them in the eye

I thought that this isn't natural
This isn't natural

There are people and people and aliens with aliens
We're all people with people and aliens with aliens

Ooooh oooh ooh ooh
People live inside of other people
I don't believe them that I don't know their own story
They told me animals can't predict their own future
I still know what is going on in your lore.

I'm going ooooh
This isn't meant for you
This wasn't designed for human beings
This wasn't designed for you
Track Name: Life After Life
You see a floating crown
You move up towards the ground
You look but you don't taste a sound

You make a list of all of the places you never went to
You make another list of the places that are on your next vacation anywhere
You're gonna have to make some decisions about where to go
Nothing you've already done
You've already had much fun but it's all a new adventure
Don't acropee what you already used to be
No more baby scripts just some of the 5-MeO-MIPT

There isn't long now
You're on your way
Don't delay
It's a one way ticket you must have already picked it up
And you're not gonna look back

Here we go now
It's not in your eye
Here ya go now
It's not in your heart

Here we go now
It's not in your eye
Here we go now

Take this one
Light is not a fight embrace your right at the height of the meaning of sprite

It's not in your eye
Here we go now