Cash & Tango, and the Sundance Kid


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Two outlaws from the Space Messiah (Cash and Tango) meet up with the infamous Sundance Kid. The Sundance kid tricks our dubious duo into throwing a house party in the Dark Queen's tower. While the party is fantastic (and a new dance craze is discovered) the queen is NOT happy with the mess.


released February 13, 2017



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Track Name: Tango and Cash go to church
Cash and Tango approach the steeple
Surrounded by 2,000 people
Praying to forget their sins
But they don't know how to begin
So they start to look well within
But their conscience is much too thin

Jesus save those who fuck

And they don't fuck
They're virgin ducks
Who've run amok
And don't that suck?

Jesus save those who FUCK
Track Name: From the Pious Place to the Party Zone
Cash and Tango escaped the cathedral
They meet a kid filled with sunshine and theater

[[Life was so much neater]]

The child taught them all sorts of mystic powers
Like how to disco and how to conquer short towers

[[Maybe they could plant some flowers]]

They'd steal a home. They'd throw a great party
They'd rage all night but keep it partly hearty

[[The home owners were there. Things were getting darty!]]

And no one noticed, no one cared
They danced all nights with their hands in the air.

[[Wave them like you just don't care]]
Track Name: The Binky Fade
I heard that you want to do a special dance.
Invented by Cash and Tango by a happenstance.
It's called the BINKY fade and it's real groovy.
It's best performed while drinking a strawberry smoothie

First you take a step to the left.
And then you take a step to the left.
Then you take another step to the left.
Just keeping sidestepping left

That's how you do the BINKY fade
Track Name: Delicate Constitution (Medusa's Revenge)
Don't look me in the eyes
Don't look me in the face
Don't touch me Cash and Tango made my life a fucking disgrace

It's so hard for me to build my house
Tango burned it all down and now I'll have punch Cash in the mouth

They think they're so cute or maybe they're just clever
Well I'll see about that when I turn they kitten's to leather

Ho ho ho. Ha ha ha.
Revenge is so sweet you kill animals